Monday, August 23, 2010 | By: Писарко

We are all addicts

The one, who never had a vice in his life, can’t imagine the agony of those men. He doesn’t know the burden of their back, of those around them who pull their sinking. Addiction is not just an everyday habit under your control. It’s not like that at all. If someone ever told you that only weak people are submissive toward vices, then I would answer you were wrong. Because I saw many successful people sitting around gambling table, I saw many “principle” people drunk more than once. If someone ever told you they are dumb, then I would tell you were wrong again, because I saw talents who just shut down their gift, drowned in those vices… In this place there is more intelligence and power. If you never fall down or don’t see, don’t spit on it. Because those who left them know the burden is bigger than the addict. And what would you say about addiction?
Its personal disease which makes you lives under its control. Neither drugs, neither gambling, neither alcohol aren’t only vices, not only they’re harmful for your health, they’re more than that. Many lives can be destroyed, many dreams, wishes and big ideas, many drowned years. Death is only the smallest thing can happen.
Do not hold your breath on this sentences punching yourself in the chest proudly, thinking you cannot be controlled by anything, because you lie yourself. Your freedom is limited. Let us see only the one unique fundamental factor of your existence.
You are caught by the rules, environment, the dependence of your happiness, the limitation of your love. You are addict of non written rules that drives you crazy. Even your wishes are not yours. Even your greatest dream had been already seen. You can’t live without certain people, yet you need only couple days to replace and forget them, lying yourself for your accomplishments. We all forgot what it means to miss someone. We look what we lose on other places. The irony is in our constant belief in our search, and things can be just in front of us, but no one has enough courage to win them. If you are really aware for yourself, you will realize your personal deception.
I spit on those lies. I am addict of life. My disease is my freedom. See, one way or another, we are all addicts.”


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